Excellent paint ideas for a small bathroom:

Having a small bathroom in your home is not something that anyone wants. It is a bit annoying and uncomfortable. A bigger bathroom can always be constructed or your current bathroom may be renovated into a bigger size, but then there are certain financial or space limitations that doesn’t allow us to construct our dream bathroom.
A cheap, yet a very excellent way to give your bathroom a master feel is to paint it right. If you think you have a small bathroom and you want to make it look like a bigger one, you should follow the tactics listed below:

Use brighter colors:

The finest way to give your bathroom a wide and elegant look is to use lighter and brighter colors. Light colors make any room look bigger than it actually is. This is all an optical illusion as light painted walls are more reflective.

Small Bathroom Paint Colors - 3

Blend both the wall color & tile color:

Blending the tile color and wall color gives your bathroom a feel that it is a single, continuous space. If you use two different colors, then the room appears as two different spaces. But giving the same blend to both the tiles and the walls, you get a wider looking, spacious bathroom.

Use same colors on walls and ceiling:

Smaller bathrooms normally have lower ceilings. If you use separate colors for ceiling and walls, then the bathroom may appear more congested and smaller than it actually is. It is recommended to use the same colors on ceiling so that the ceiling and the walls merge together to give the look of a wider and larger bathroom.

Paint vertical stripes:

If you have a bathroom with a small ceiling and you want to make it look like a taller and a broader one, then you should paint vertical stripes on the ceiling in order to make it look taller. This is sort of an optical illusion because the human eye is guided up and around the room which makes it feel larger and taller than it actually is.

Use lighter colors on doors and windows:

If you want to give your small bathroom a larger seem, you should use lighter and brighter colors on the doors, moldings and windows. Painting the windows and moldings with a lighter color as compared to the walls makes your bathroom look bigger because when the moldings are painted lighter, the walls appear to be located farther back which ultimately makes your bathroom appear larger.