Ideas for designing a small bathroom

Though the size of the bathroom has been increasing for the past 20 years, it still remained the same for some of the older houses. The bathroom has become more of a resting place than anything else in today’s world. It is kind of difficult to relax in a small room as you may feel a little claustrophobic but if you plan out the design smartly, this problem can completely be eliminated. Since it is not always possible to increase its size by breaking a few walls these ideas will be useful in converting your tiny bathroom into a mini resting room.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas - 3

Double your virtual space

Having long mirrors which run lengthwise in the room creates an illusion of having a room twice as big. This can be applied to almost any small bathroom. This is possibly the cheapest option for making your washroom feel bigger. .having a wall completely filled with a mirror is the ultimate form of making your room look big but a normal height mirror can also be used to achieve these ends.

Vertical efficiency

Since having too many cabinets in a small room would make it even smaller, it becomes important to have cabinets which are placed in positions which do not hinder our movements or come in our way during our everyday use. Having a few cabinets above the door and a small mirror cabinet above the sink provides a lot of storage space and doesn’t come in our way while using the washroom.

Tile and mirror designs

Having an attention grabbing design on the wall creates a focal point and draws your attention away from the size of the room. Having mirrors of unconventional shapes also helps in serving this purpose. Creating focal points by having some small but flashy elements will clearly make the room feel bigger at the same time you can showcase your favorite element.