Small Corner baths for better bathing experience

A well-furnished bathroom is a person’s dream. A well-furnished bathroom is defined as a bathroom containing every basic need of a bather. Taking from hygiene products to toiletries like shampoos, toothpaste, etc. and other like medication. Similarly, a cabinet that holds these things, mirrors, faucet, sink, an environment-friendly tile and most importantly shower and bathtub. Bathtubs are defined as a container that holds certain amount of water, where a person bathe. They are usually roughly rectangular in shape and stands in alone or under the shower in the bathroom.

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Types of bathtubs

Usually bathtubs are roughly rectangular in shape. From its invention, it is used in rectangular shape. There are these bathtubs like Clawfoot bath, Baby bathtub, hot bathtub, whirlpool bathtub, etc. But there are some kind of other shapes of bathtubs available nowadays. They are shaped and named as corner baths. They are usually roughly rectangular in shape. That means they are not in the shape like bathtubs used to be. Similarly, corner baths are now more popular in the market as well because of the features like, they are perfect and suitable in small bathrooms. It will help to maximize the space in the bathroom. Ah also providing great bathing experiencing to the bather.


Corner baths are generally not in an exact geometric shape. Its edges are rounded but not in the shape of circle, neither roughly rectangular. Yet, it helps to maximize the space in bathroom and also provide great bathing experience too. They comes in the varieties of sizes where a person can fit into it according to the person’s size. There are these unique designs of corner baths that are popular nowadays. They are such as Angelique corner bath that are available in different model. For one of these models, the features of an Angelique corner baths size of 1465 be like,

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• It’s an unique and contains timeless design,

• Additional feature like base support frame, arm rest, etc.

• Comes with white finish, panel include, supplied with leg set, quality materials, etc.


There are certain benefits having small corner baths as well besides enjoying the better bathing experience. They covers up the awkward shapes of room in the bathroom. In ancient time, they were usually available in metal, iron or water proof wood but nowadays they are available in acrylic as well. Prices are mentioned in the site accordingly.