Ideas to design your small kitchen

Having a lot of appliances and things in your small sized kitchen can make it look cluttered and clumsy. The kitchen should be neatly organized so as to look appealing as it is the most significant place in your home. Even a smaller looking kitchen can be transformed into a beautiful and spacious one by designing and decorating it in a proper way. Here are some important tips on how to design your small kitchen to make it look pleasant with every essential thing you need.

Small Kitchen Design Pictures - 1

Install Glass Front Cabinets for small kitchens

Adding glass to the cabinet fronts is an easy trick that will make the space in your kitchen look appealing and also reflects enough amount of light in the kitchen room. The glass cabinets can have a simple look or elegant patterns to make it beautiful and also to hide the things that are stored in the cabinet behind. There are a lot of designs of glass cabinets that will suit your kitchen and choose them as per your needs.

Another option is to remove the doors of the cabinet and turn it into a display cabinet that displays the items and utensils in your kitchen than just a space for storage. This will make it look uncluttered and add more appeal to the kitchen without spending money for purchasing new cabinets or doors.

Balance the large and small items

Instead of having smaller compact items in your kitchen it is a good idea to have a mixture of both large and small elements together. For instance, if you have large cabinets setting up small appliances with large pot racks on the kitchen wall will give a balanced look. In addition to that you can have a small section of baskets and hooks for cooking utensils to complete the look.

Adding more depth to the kitchen

Your kitchen can be completely transformed and made to look larger by adding more depth to it. In order to achieve this look you can simply paint one wall with a unique color that is different from the other walls in your kitchen.