Intelligent Ideas to Remodel your Small Kitchen

Kitchen is that space of the house that has suffered immensely with the increase in the need of smaller houses with bigger living rooms and bedrooms. This has resulted in the dilemma of using your kitchen up to its optimal functionality and also making it an attractive part of your house. However, modern remodeling ideas can do the trick for you.

Using some intelligent small kitchen remodeling ideas, you can actually make your kitchen look good, while also making it extremely functional.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - 1

Eliminate the Inessentials

While remodeling your small kitchen, you need to keep this in mind that, no matter what you do your small kitchen cannot accommodate everything from an area for laundry, mail, school work, with a comfortable space for cooking. In such a scenario, the main focus should be on the main functionality of the kitchen- cooking meals. You should lay your focus on cooking and the things you might require to make you’re cooking easier. You can eliminate the rest. You can even try to bring in smaller appliances, like a small freezer, refrigerator, over, stove to further save some space for you.

Open Storage Spaces

Another aspect of remodeling your small kitchen is to reduce the closed storage spaces. With cabinets right over your head your kitchen is surely going to feel claustrophobic and you won’t enjoy cooking. Try to add open storage spaces. This will not only make your kitchen appear more spacious, but will also allow you to display your favorite cookware.


Add Glass

One of the most famous remodeling idea for smaller areas is to incorporate glass. It lets you see through the objects and makes the area look bigger. You can use glass for tabletops, counter, cabinet doors, and you can even use a glass door as the main door for your kitchen to enhance this expansion effect.


The color of your walls, appliances, tile, table and even the cookware plays a huge role in perceiving the size of your kitchen and can completely change the ambience. You can focus on lighter shades that can effectively reflect light and make your small kitchen look taller. Apart from making it taller, creative combination of colors will also give a stylish look to your kitchen.

With the help of the above mentioned ideas, you can infuse functionality as well as attractive looks, while also making it look bigger, better and happier.