Design ideas for your small modern kitchen

Modern kitchens are marked by their cleanliness and simplicity. Monochromatic colors are mostly used and clean significant lines are what make a modern kitchen stand out. In this article we will be looking briefly at style guides for a small modern kitchen.

While designing a small modern kitchen it is important that you embrace the traditional style along with the efficient and easy-to-use modern designs. You should focus on sleekness and livability.

If you are looking for a style that makes your kitchen simple and clean then ‘clean and simple’ is the modern design for you. You can use sleek lines and add texture and style with tiles. While designing a small kitchen it is important that your focus on practical use of the space available. Here are some design ideas for your small modern kitchen.

Small Modern Kitchen Design - 1


For a small kitchen woods such as walnut and mahogany are used.

Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances go along well in any modern kitchen and have always been popular. They complement the clean and simple look of your kitchen. These appliances are high quality, high functioning appliances that are also durable.

Social kitchen for a small space

This modern design idea is extremely practical and useful for those who lack much space. It incorporates dining, cooking and preparing all in one table making it area effective and also comparatively cost effective. It is a great practical use of space and is recommended for small kitchen owners. With a social kitchen, you don’t have to worry about a breakfast table or a sitting area. Your kids can work on their homework on this table and you could still find space to prepare dinner or breakfast spaciously.

Stainless steel finishing

If you went for the clean and sleek look then it is recommended that you stainless steel finish. For a small modern kitchen, you can incorporate stainless steel as a complete package. There is a great demand for easy to clean materials on the market and stainless steel is popular on that aspect. Buyers are worried that stainless steel scratches but they become a design of themselves after some time.

Here’s an example of a small modern kitchen:

Gray Contemporary Kitchen

In this design the gray-and-white color is used and a practical and efficient kitchen is created. This kitchen design can be done for cheap. It makes use of streamlined cabinets and combines them with stainless steel appliances. The white oak will provide a warm atmosphere to the room.