Low-Cost Small Space Kitchen Design

Remodeling your small kitchen doesn’t always mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars on it to make it look beautiful. You can actually add a unique character to your kitchen with some intelligent ideas, while still keeping the cost of the project low. Elements like paint, use of tiles, lighting, attractive accents, can completely transform the looks of your kitchen, without breaking your bank.

Let us have a look at some the low-cost small space kitchen designs:

Small Space Kitchen Design - 1

Vintage Look

Vintage and retro looks are in trend again. You can use white or dark wood cabinets by painting with the refreshing hues. Painting cabinets is one of those low-cost things you can do to your kitchen to completely transform its appearance?


You can use large lights, like pendant lights right above the kitchen island. Pendant lights look much more attractive than the recessed cans or track lighting, and are cheaper too. Moreover, you can also place different types of lights throughout the kitchen, to not only improve its appearance, but also give it a larger look.

Use Rugs and Floor Mats

A patterned and colorful rug or floor mat can instantly brighten up your small kitchen, while also enhancing the comfort-vibe of your kitchen. You can place the rug or mat next to the cooking range, sink, refrigerator, or other places where you spend a lot of standing time. While purchasing a rug or mat, do ensure that it has an anti-slip backing.

Designer Faucets

Another cost-efficient remodeling idea is to add new, designer faucets to your kitchen sink. Faucets are largely over-looked, but if you ask the professionals, they would agree that changing your faucets can spruce up your kitchen instantly.


You can also add wall art to your small kitchen. Even though kitchen is the busiest place of the home, adding a bit of art on the kitchen walls can boost its appearance and will transform it into a warm gathering space that too without burning a hole in your pockets.

Cabinet Hardware

Changing the hardware of your cabinets with something new and trendy will take you a long way away from your old, dull kitchen. There are many styles, designs, and shapes available in the market. You can also add a touch of detailing by using assorted cabinet pulls and drawers that come in many complimentary colors and finishes.
The above mentioned ideas are sure to transform the looks of your kitchen, without costing much. Moreover, as compared to a large remodeling project, these tips are simple and you can get it done in a couple of weeks.