Small Vanities to eliminate the Storage and Decorating Challenges

Small bathroom vanities are designed to provide you with enough space for every bathroom essential and maybe even more. Apart from being space efficient, they are time efficient too. Their presence in the bathroom, makes you spend less time in searching for things like towels, soaps, toothpastes, etc. and lets you concentrate more on what is important and that is taking care of yourself.

Small vanity is also very useful for those with smaller bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom, using bit of your creativity can help you make it attractive and spacious,

Small Vanity - 1

Small Vanity

with all the required essentials. However, with so many options in the market, choosing a small vanity can be confusing for many. We have collected a list of 5-most popular types of small vanities that are practical as well as enhances the looks of your bathroom.

Cabinet vanity

This classic vanity design has drawers and other compartments to provide you with a generous storage space. Many designs are already available in the market to choose from, or else you can also get them custom built as per your bathroom space and storage requirements.

Wall-mounted vanity:

As the name suggests, wall mounted vanities are fixed to the wall and have open spaces below. This attractive vanity is extremely space-efficient and adds a touch of panache to your bathroom. Many wall mounted vanities just have sink and countertops, while some also have storage space beneath.

Console and Pedestal:

Also known as freestanding sink, it is highly popular for small bathrooms. They do not have any storage space, however, you can get a storage cabinet, a medicine cabinet, stacking baskets, etc. custom built beneath the sink for storage.

Some other tips for smaller bathrooms-

Avoiding over decoration is highly recommended for smaller bathrooms. While looking out for small vanities or other accessories, ensure that they have smooth, clean lines. Simple designs will add class and a feeling of spaciousness to the place.
Lights and mirrors can make your room look bigger. You can add various layers of lights to give the illusion of increased space. Apart from your vanity mirror, you can add other small mirrors at different places for reflecting light.
Storage should be of utmost importance when it comes to small bathrooms. Be it a small vanity of other accessories, ensure that they have adequate storage spaces to easily store all your bathroom essentials.