Your guide to buying the right bathroom tiles

Bathroom is one of the most important parts of a house. Different people want different sorts of luxuries for their bathrooms. A bathroom comprises of different important parts such as shower, wash basin, toilet and bathing tubs. The thing that affects your bathroom’s décor the most is having the right tiles. Bathroom tiles need to be matching with the overall renovation of your bathroom. You have to make sure that the fit perfectly. Otherwise, your bathroom would look like a mess.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when you’re planning on buying the perfect tiles for your bathroom:

Tile Layout:

One of the key factors in getting the right décor for your bathroom is the tile layout. You have to make sure that you plan the laying out process carefully so that you get everything right starting from lighting locations to fixture locations and niche locations to framing locations.

Tile Bathroom Ideas - 1

Carefully check the tile size:

Normally people assume that 12 inch by 24 inch tiles are actually of that size. But considering the standards differences within different countries, you never get the actual 12 inches by 24 inches size. So in order to overcome this confusion, you should buy some sample tiles and test them on your bathroom’s walls to take an idea of the size and the number of tiles you’re going to be needing. After you have got the right size, you could buy the whole lot.

Be careful around doors and windows:

One of the challenges that you encounter while waterproofing your bathroom’s walls is when you’re doing the layout for windows and doors. Every window and every door is a challenge in itself. You have to make sure that you keep in mind the windows and doors while planning the waterproofing of your bathroom. The tiles should be carefully adjusted around every window so that the water doesn’t drain into the foundation of the walls.

Get the drain right:

It is too annoying when you take a bath and the water assembles on the bathroom’s floor and doesn’t drain out quickly. In order to avoid that, you should carefully plan where to put the drain hole. It should neither be at the very end of the floor, nor in the middle. It should be in a place which is slightly tilted so that the water naturally flows in to it.