Guides to buying tiles for your bathroom:

We may not pretty much notice it, but bathrooms are a very important part of our lives. A good bathroom can add up to the elegance of your whole apartment/house. Having said that, the most important decorating element of a bathroom are the tiles. Installing the right tiles for your bathroom can add up a new and fresh look to any dull bathroom. Tile are the basic, yet the best decorative tools one can use to spice up the whole look.

With so much of varieties in shapes, sizes and textures of tiles, choosing the right tile can seem to be pretty over whelming. To narrow your path, choosing from your own most preferred range and choices can be effective. Some tiles are specifically designed for walls and some for floor. However, choosing and buying the right tile for your bathroom considering your preferences can turn out to be a tough job. Well, here are some guidelines to solve your problem:

Tile Ideas For Bathroom - 3

Vision you design:

It’s better to envision how you want your bathroom yourself. You know your preferences better than anyone else. So before consulting to any bathroom designer, be sure of your preferences so that there would not be any obstacle or confusion in the future.

Learn about the material:

The second thing you must remember is to choose the texture and material you want to fix. There are different types of tiles available in the market such as porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone. Its up to you how you want your material to be.

Check the size:

Another thing that most people tend to remark unnoticed but is actually very important is the size. You must always check for your bathroom sizes, all the lengths and breadths before you go to buy the tiles for your bathroom. It makes all your organizing and fixing faster and simpler.

Keep the budget:

Installing tiles are not inexpensive. However, it’s a life-time investment and once you install the right tiles for your bathroom, you need not worry for may be as long as you live. It is recommended to buy 5% more tiles than the actual amount of tile needed in case of breakage or mishandling. Natural stones and glass tiles are comparatively more expensive than porcelain or ceramics tiles.

The bottom line is, no matter what type of tile you choose; do make sure it matches your vibe and preferences. Installing tiles is a work of a life-time so it can actually turn out to be a good thing to put your money on.