Just a touch without any fuss

The advancement in technology has resulted in easy and comfortable life. The touchless kitchen faucets are also called hands free faucets. They have sensors installed in them that regulate the flow of water. When we place the hand or any object under the faucet the sensors get activated and the water starts flowing. There is no need to use your hands to start and stop the faucet.

Benefits of touch less kitchen faucets:

 Touchless kitchen faucets maintains hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen
 They can be preset to their required temperature.
 They save a lot of time and efforts.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet - 1

 Touchless faucets save water.
 No more tensions of leaving the tap open.
 It saves the water bill as the water stops flowing automatically if not in use.
 Different designs and styles of faucets are available in the market.
 They are easy to connect and do not require any experts or professionals to do so.

Disadvantages of touch less kitchen faucets:

• Touchless faucets are very expensive. They are very high on budgets as compared to other regular faucets.
• Touch less kitchen faucets saves water but they add to the energy cost. The sensors of the touchless faucets operate on batteries or AC power. This becomes very inconvenient when the batteries run out and needs a replacement.

• Usually touchless faucets come with warm water temperature setting. If different temperature settings are needed then it proves to be very inconvenient

• Installation of touchless faucet can be done by a plumber only. One cannot do it by themselves. All the fixing and settings should be done properly. Sensors, proper electricity, pipes and tubes should be fixed appropriately to ensure proper flow of the water at the required speed and temperature.

Best Touchless kitchen faucets

The best touchless kitchen faucet would be the one which has a good response to the touch. One touch or a simple tap should make the water flow. They should be reasonably cheaper and cost effective. They should have a good configuration and should match the style and design of the kitchen.