Bathroom manufacturer: Twyford Bathrooms

Introduction about the manufacturer

Thomas Twyford along with his son whose name was Thomas William developed which is presently called as “Twyford Bathrooms”. They did this work in the year 1849 in the region of Bath Street. The global requirements for new products for sanitary, soon gave the realization for the development of a newer factory in the year of 1887 in the region of Cliffe Vale. It was supposed to be the first factory for the purpose of building bathrooms and all. Presently, the owner of the factory is the group of Sanitec; it is considered to be the greatest group of companies for manufacturing sanitary products, etc. In the year 1999, the manufacturers “Twyford Bathrooms” became the Royal Warrant holders in the era of Queen Elizabeth (2).

Twyfords Toilets - 1

Sanitary wares offered by the company

There are a lot of sanitary wares for the toilets that are offered by the company. They include the following:

• Wall hung toilets

• Toilet seats

• Floor standing toilets

And a lot more..

Wall Hung Toilets offered by Twyford Bathrooms

There are a lot of varieties of wall hung toilets. They can be differing from each other on the basis of shape, style, etc. The toilet sets might be covered or without cover, depending upon the style. The shape of the toilets might be square, rectangular, round, etc. There can be different names for the wall hung toilets for each of the different styles and designs. The color of such toilets is usually white; however, it can be different under some conditions. The images for the toilets are also available online on the website on the company and they can be gone through along with their prices.

Toilets – commodes

The toilets can also be including a variety of designs of commodes. Their designs also differ according to your choice. Same is the case for the sizes of the commodes. They are supposed to be comfortable for being seated on them. You can choose any of the colors of your own choice that goes with the theme of your washroom; however, mostly they are supposed to be white in color.

There can be a lot of other products related to sanitary wares. All the products have fixed prices as approved by the company managers and all. There is kept some of the margin sometimes for negotiation and bargaining but this is not always the case.