Choosing the Perfect Vanity Mirror for your Bathroom

To get the right vanity mirror for your bathroom, it is really necessary to consider the way you use it, the style of your bathroom, space in the bathroom and the budget you have. Bathrooms are the ultimate grooming place for anybody and the mirrors you select play a vital role in deciding how well you groom. Whether you are designing a new bathroom for your home or remodeling an existing room, these tips will surely help you choose the perfect vanity mirror for your beautiful bath.

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Things to consider

Vanity mirrors are today available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Before shopping, it is necessary to determine the requirements for the mirror. You should consider measuring the space on the vanity where you want to place the mirror. Then you look for the style of your vanity and other furniture in the bathroom to get a matching vanity mirror that coordinates the look of the entire room.

Popular vanity mirror types

Framed mirrors and Frameless mirrors form the main category of vanity mirrors. Frameless mirrors are simple yet effective and come with rounded or squared edges. They can be mounted on the wall directly and can be cut to any required size so as to fit your vanity.

Framed mirrors add a decorative touch to your bathroom style. Choose the frame that matches your bathroom style. For instance, get a simple and clean-lined frame for a contemporary bath and detailed one for a traditional bathroom.

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Decorative vanity mirrors

Venetian mirrors contain etched surface designs and often feature ornate frames, elaborate carving and used in decorated bathrooms that contain traditional details. Other type of decorative vanity mirror is the popular Illuminated mirrors that contain integrated lighting on the frame. The light not only adds to the decoration but also comes handy for grooming activities like shaving and makeup.

You can choose a vanity mirror suiting your bathroom style and requirements. However, you can install electrical heating pads behind your vanity mirror to keep it fog-free. This allows a person to use the mirror conveniently while the other person uses the shower.