Know few things more on vanity unit bathrooms

Vanity makes the bathroom spacious

Bathroom is considered as the forgotten room in the house during past but nowadays people pay special attention to decorate the bathroom. The modern bathroom consists of a well-furnished vanity, tubs, well-designed tabs and many more to meet the living standard of the people.

Vanity is the supportive cabinet that might be either under the bathroom sink or made on the wall or either on the side of the tub. They provide a very good storage spaces to keep the various things used in the bathrooms like soap, towels, makeup kit, which makes the bathroom look clean and well managed. Some modern vanities even includes drawers and cabinet which can provide a lot of storage. Even we can make wall vanity or vanity with mirror to give an extra storage to the bathroom.

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Vanity Units for Bathroom

Unique and modern look

Bathroom vanities are the main point for the decoration purpose which can give an extra ordinary looks to the bathrooms. Apart from giving a fancy touch to the bathroom vanity we should always keep the size of the vanity in mind it plays a vital role in decoration. Vanity comes in various colours and style we should always make a choice depending on the type of bathroom we want to build if we want to build the modern bathroom then we should choose the same short of colour and for traditionally designed home we have to go for the vintage colours.

This might even look batter for the small spacious bathroom as many vanity comes with the sink itself which helps to save the space of sink and vanity both. More over if we want to get a vintage look with lots of people to visit on bathroom then we can even make double sink vanity in which we can serve people with classic looks.

Durability and easy to clean

As vanity has to hold the tops like mirror, sink so it should be made from strong materials, so most commonly use materials to build the vanities are different forms of wood. It can be simply crafted wood or a laminated wood. On the top of vanity people usually use granite, marble, Porcelain, Acrylic which can be easily washed with water and durable enough for years. Wall mounted vanities should be made from the laminated wood as they are exposed to water in bathrooms. We should always keep in mind that always a gap is needed on the side to vanity to make cleaning easier.