According to the oxford dictionary a vanity unit is a unit that consists of a wash basin set on top and a cupboard below it. A more detailed definition given to a vanity unit by the free dictionary is that it is a hand basin built into a wooden Formica-covered top or tiled top in most cases with a cupboard beneath it. It can also be referred to as a vanitory unit. In most cases vanity units are found in the bathroom

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Uses of a vanity unit

The most primary function of a vanity unit is that the wash basin is used to carry out various washing activities. It can be used while brushing your teeth, washing your hand after visiting the wash rooms and even washing your face.
Its secondary role is that since it has a cupboard beneath it in most cases, then it can be used to store various items. For example one can store detergents there. One can also store towels there.

Types of vanity units

A vanity unit can either be installed on the floor or mounted on a wall. Reports show that vanity unit that are mounted on walls are more popular as they are easier to clean. It is also easier to clean the floor as they do not sit on it.

Factors to consider while installing a vanity unit

One major factor that one should consider while installing a vanity unit is the size of their bathroom. It should not be too big to the extent that you cannot fit other necessary bathroom components.

When it comes to choosing the type of vanity unit to install, consider the type of walls making up your bathroom. A plasterboard wall is too weak to hold a vanity unit. It is therefore advisable if you are going to mount a wall vanity unit then make sure your bathroom at least has a concrete wall.

Most people tend to have a mirror just above their vanity wall. This means that while choosing a vanity unit it is important to consider its width in order to know the size of the mirror you will buy.