What are Vintage Toilets

Vintage Toilets are traditional, historical and elegant had always been at the trend. The toilets continue to look as beautiful as they were in the past and they performance is not sacrificed in any way. If you are looking for a vintage toilet, look in Victorian or mission categories or look for the publication which caters for a certain period. You can go on a tour to visit the museum or interior designs or to take the notes of details like the tile colors or paint with other accessory styles. You may also use your own inspiration so that you can create the style you want.

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How to achieve a vintage look in your bathroom

If you want to achieve a vintage look, you should not use the materials which were not available in the 20th century like the module tile and other things that are made using the plastic. In case you are looking to have man-made materials, you should go for natural options. For the floors and walls, you should consider wood, brick, tiles and stones. Linoleum is also a classic option that you should think about even if many people consider it to be a modern material. Linoleum was used from the 1800s and it was popular with the buildings of Victoria era because of its durability and the low maintenance and it has endless options when it comes to the design and color. The latest versions of the linoleum were plastic but there is now a return to the all natural versions.

Choose white for your vintage look

White is timeless and it was popular in the previous century. You may consider white hexagonal tile flooring or a subway style wall tiles. It is the classic design which is elegant in its simplicit7y and it works with different fixtures. The surface of the tiles is easy to maintain and this is why it became popular.

The materials to use for your vintage toilet

In case you want authenticity when it comes to the Vintage Toilets, you should salvage the materials that were used before. Vintage materials with aged patinas may give a brand new look to a bathroom while bringing back the past and reusing them for environmental friendly reason. To achieve the best from both worlds, you can add stained glass windows from old cottage or a church. Using reclaimed wood is also a better choice for flooring. Even if it may be great to use vintage materials while doing the renovation, you need to think twice before using plumbing and fixtures that were used in the past. Some old fixtures use too much water and it can be hard to get their spare parts.