Enhance your bathroom experience

Every individual owing a house expect an elegant and relaxing bathroom which soothes him of day long tiredness and refresh every day early morning. Walk-In Showers (with or without doors) are today’s trend getting popular day by day. The advantages are better customer experiences (usage and maintainable) and organized bathroom. With the advent the system can be installed in every bathroom or space of about 36- by-36 inches.

Types of Walk-In Shower Designs: –

Customized walk In Showers-

these can be tailored according to customer needs and work space requirements. This can fit in almost every bathroom with variety of materials incorporated like ceramic tiles, tempered glass, marbles and granites. Hinged door or Sliding door can be deployed in order to avoid the space obstacle due to swing.

Walk In Showers Designs - 2

Bathrooms with Prefabricated shower bases with a separate surround- in bathroom where prefabricated bases is provided walk-in showers can be installed easily

The bases are primarily made of acrylic and stone (materials such as quartz, granite, travertine and tile). These are also less expensive then customized walk in showers.

Bathrooms with Prefabricated walk-in shower stall (Low or without threshold) – These come in variety of dimensions, colors, models, shapes and sizes. They offer the most cost advantage to the consumer.

Walk In Showers Designs - 3

Types of Shower heads: –

There are primarily three varieties of shower heads in the market as follows:-

Rainfall shower heads-

They are slightly larger than standardized shower and is positioned directly above the user, they require extension and can be mounted over wall or surrounding.


They are mostly combined with rainfall shower heads and offer flexibility and maneuverability.

Wall mount Body sprays –

To enjoy massage like experience they are mounted on opposite walls with variety of sprays i.e. gentile mist to jet type.

Pricing: –

Pricing of walk-In shower is subjected to design; the pricing may vary significantly on the amount of work involved and additional accessories to be installed. It may significantly increase the resale value of house among buyers, thus may increase the value of house for new home owners.

Maintenance: –

Door (especially Glass doors) is a major part of the system need to be maintained. The door less walk-in shower is easy to maintain. Whereas debris, chemicals, sand, rust and externalities and other chemical products may get deposited at doors which are difficult to clean. Door less showers have better space utilization and ease of access as the swing of the door space is not of concern.