A few things about wall mounted vanities

A finely painted wall adds up to the grace of any room. A wall mounted vanity installed against a perfectly painted wall would take the look and décor of your bathroom to the next level. Below are discussed some of the pros of wall mounted bathroom vanities:

Save your space:

Wall mounted vanity unit is a modern and stylish accessory for your bathroom. Buying a wall mounted vanity would provide you class, as well as it would save you a lot of space. Since it is wall mounted, you could use the space under and over it for some other purposes. For example, if you have a smaller bathroom and there room for only one of the wash basin or the vanity unit, it would be a good plan to buy a combined unit including a wash basin on the top and a vanity underneath. That way, you could use that same space for using the wash basin, as well as for storing your stuff in the vanity unit.

Wall Hung Vanity Unit - 2

Versatility & functionality:

Wall mounted vanity units are available in different colors, sizes, finishes, styles and designs. You could buy one that goes with your bathroom’s finish and décor. You can spend your money on buying the typical wash basin units or you could pay a few extra bucks to buy the in fashion, handy, stylish wall mounted vanity unit. Most of the vanity units have different drawers or a single door. You could sort your stuff out in those compartments. The most weighable point for a wall mounted vanity is its size. You could save some space while giving your bathroom an elegant look at the same time.

Vanity units for smaller bathroom:

If you do not afford the luxury of having a bigger bathroom, a combination of a wash basin and a wall mounted vanity unit is your best option to provide class to your bathroom. You could buy a small vanity unit with a wash basin having pretty water taps.

Where to buy from?

Just like all other bathroom accessories, wall mounted vanity units are available easily in the market. There is a wide range of vanities available. You could buy the perfect one for your bathroom by making sure that it goes with the overall décor of your bathroom and occupies adequate amount of space. Vanities are available both with retailers and online stores as well.