A brief overview of wall hung vanity units

Wall hung vanity units are affordable and rigid bathroom units that comes in various styles, designs and textures that makes practical use of the space in a small bathroom. They give a contemporary look and come in light oak, walnut, gloss white/grey. You should do your research before installing these units to avoid ending up with a cramped up bathroom. To avoid cramping up entirely you could use these wall hung vanity units with wall-hung toilets.

Wall hung vanity units are not only for bathrooms and toilets but can also be incorporated in your bedroom to make a practical use of a space. Fitting one in your bedroom can be a creative step towards convenience and efficiency. There are options that include these wall hung vanity units as a package but you can also buy them separately.

Wall Hung Vanity Units - 1

Characteristics of wall hung vanity units

Rigid construction

These wall hung vanity units are made from high quality, thick MDF, plinth and chipboards. For buyer convenience these units come with pre-drilled holes and are compatible with your bathroom’s basin taps, mostly mixer, giving you the freedom to choose the style that you most prefer for many options.

You’ll have a choice of various styles and sizes and they should be picked according to the size of the bathroom that it is to be fit in. While choosing a wall hung vanity unit you should make sure that you get your desired look.

When delivered they are already assembled and you should not expose it to water in the MDF board area.


As it is wall hung vanity units must be sturdy and well fitted in the wall. There are many manufactures of vanity units that provided added fittings that make sure that your new unit lasts forever.

Wear and tear

Wall hung vanity units are opened and closed with many times and they should not wear or tear during heavy slams. To make sure that this doesn’t happen wall-hung vanity units have soft close doors.

The handles can be chosen between chrome and stainless steel. You can match them with the material used in your bathroom appliances.


For protection, there are wall hung vanity units that come with extra cover so that they will guarantee, last long. These covers also protect them from faults made while manufacturing.

All in all, wall hung vanity units are stylish and convenient units that expand your bathroom space.