Wall hung tank less Toilets

In today’s modern day and age where every aspect of our life is changing due to the availability of superior technology in every field, so are our toilets. Yes, toilets being a very basic necessity are also becoming chicer and smarter. The new tank less toilets are fast replacing our traditional toilets with tank, flush mechanism that are mounted on the floor. These new age toilets are mounted on the wall and are basically dependent on high water pressure from the pipes directly to flush out human waste from the toilet bowl as opposed to the traditional toilets that are gravity powered and depend on the attached siphon to pull the water and waste out of the bowl. Let us now discuss some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Wall Mounted Toilets - 1

The Pros:-

• Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these toilets are basically space savers. Due to the exclusion of the tank these toilets make the bathroom look neater and conceal all water pipes and outlets giving the bathroom very clean lines.

• These toilets are known to produce cleaner and a more powerful flush as compared to their counterpart, also since they are directly connected to the water lines they can be repeatedly flushed in quick successions.

• One major advantage of this type of toilet is that its height can be adjusted according to the user’s personal requirement.

• Finally, without the cumbersome tank it is easier to clean not only the toilet itself but also the area surrounding it.

The Cons:-

• Despite the various advantages of this type of toilet, its biggest disadvantage is that it works out to be a costlier unit, not only on purchase but also on installation. Installing these usually costs more than the traditional one.

• Another problem often faced with these toilets is that they are prone to readjustment issues by the plumber owing to the pressure exerted to the wall it is mounted on. With constant use over a period of time they tend to come loose and this could be a repetitive complaint.

• These toilets are unfortunately more suited for new constructions rather than the old ones because the old water systems were not made to suit the requirements of tank less toilets.

After considering its pros and cons, it is advisable to select wall hung toilets only if one has a bigger budget and is planning to install one of these in modern apartment complexes.