Shower Enclosures for Bathroom Wet Areas

A Room within a Room
Gone are the days of shower curtains where plastic curtains were used to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Now days, bathrooms are divided into wet zones and dry zones. As the names suggest, maximum water spillage happens in the shower area, hence, that is our designated wet zone. To make it sound classier, the wet zone is now rechristened the “Wet Room”. These rooms no longer need curtains to separate them, instead we use what are essentially called screens. These screens do the same work as our traditional curtains but only they do it much better. They create a fixed enclosure inside the bathroom giving it a very modern contemporary feel.

Wet Room Screens - 2


One of the first question that pops into our head is, what is the use of this screen and why should I have one in my bathroom? As mentioned above these screens create a smaller enclosure within the bathroom which helps the rest of the bathroom to stay dry and protects the cabinets and water fixtures in the rest of the bathroom from the water sprays of the shower. Also since these screens are fixed from the floor upwards, no water can leak out towards the dry area of the bathroom thus keeping it clean.


Some of the most common options in shower screens are

• With pivot doors, where all sides of the shower screen are fully fixed except for the door attached with a pivot hinge.

• With sliding doors, as the name suggest, it has a door that slides to open or close.

• With fixed panels, these shower screens have no doors instead they have a fixed glass panel creating a ‘walk in’ shower space.

Shower screens come with different looks as well. The three basic being

• Framed

• Frameless

• Semi Frameless

These durable glass panels can be with frames, giving form and structure to the shower unit or they could be frameless providing an aesthetic appeal to any bathroom. The framed sheets work out to be the most cost effective choice. The frameless sheets are most suitable for bathrooms that are spacious. The semi frameless variety is now also becoming hugely popular as they are luxurious yet affordable.

In conclusion, we can say that these shower screens play a big role in creating the look of your bathroom and help in keeping the bathroom clean and dry.