Useful guiding tips to create wet room in your bathroom

Are you confused if a wet room will look good in your home or not? Given below in the article are some expert design tips for your bathroom and also some of the advantages and disadvantages of a wet room.

With a vast range of wet room appearances and styles, they are becoming and faddier in trend. They add a great value to your homes. The question is how to begin? How and where to place the wet room in a bathroom?

Wet Room - 1

Can everybody and anybody have a wet room?

In argument, yes of course. A wet room is nothing but a shower space, a shower room which does away with the tray and shower screen and has a fully tiled and open shower area. If you have a small bathroom, you may require a shower screen so that your other parts of the bathroom don’t get sprayed and stay dry.

Water Drainage

Installation is a wet room is a professional’s job as a ramp is first created on the floor to channel the water to drain and then the complete room requires to be waterproofed (tanked).

The most general and most popular method used for making gradient is to make a sub-floor made of WBP ply and then tiling is done above it.

Second option is to fix a readymade giant shower tray (sloping shower former). And then tiling is done over it.
The last method is to use a huge preformed tray, also known as Hi-Macs system) which slopes towards the drain and it can be fitted on the complete floor. The best part about this method is that it does not require any tiling afterwards.


This step involves priming the floor, lower part of the walls and the complete wall area around the shower and afterwards, covering it all with a syrupy membrane. Once it all gets settled up, tiling is done in the room.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wet room

It is perfect and super-stylish and gives a modern look!
It may be a little messy for the small bathrooms.