Wet room – A modern and contemporary approach

Wet rooms have become more popular these days. They are just shower area which is covered by a shower screen and is fully tiled. A shower screen can protect things in the bathroom from getting wet. The need for keeping the wet i.e. shower area and the dry area separate in the bathroom is essential. It adds style and value to your home. There are wide ranges of selection available for wet room designs but selecting the best is not any easy task. Many things need to be considered before deciding on the most appropriate one for your bathroom.

Things to be considered when designing a wet room

 Ensure the correct seal: Timber should be used for encasing the wet room as it provides a warm environment in the bathroom. Correct installation and finishes are necessary as there will be constant water contact and discoloration or rusting can be a common issue.

Wet Rooms Ideas - 2

 Consider Light: Natural Light should always pass on the wet room. Also other lighting should be of high quality that can withstand heat and moisture. The power points should be installed at a safe place to prevent contact with water.

 Ventilation: There should be enough ventilation in the wet area to keep the air in the bathroom rotating. It will keep the environment in the bathroom fresh and free from odor.

 Flooring: Good quality flooring should be considered for the wet areas that can withstand temperatures and do not break off easily. Different styles of flooring are available. One cans select the best considering factors like durability and suitability.


Advantages of a wet room

 A wet room creates style and are perfect for contemporary style bathrooms

 A Wet room increases the value of the room as it can be considered as a second bathroom

 It is ideal for small bathrooms and it does not require installation of bathtubs in the bathroom.

 They are easy to clean and maintain.

 A proper construction of the wet bathroom ensures better floor protection than a standard bathroom.

Disadvantages of a wet room

 In small bathroom it becomes difficult to protect the towels and toilet tissues from water that is sprayed from the shower.

 It should be properly constructed as improper work done may lead to leakages and other serious issues.

 It requires tiling from ceiling to the floor and therefore is expensive.