Pros and Cons of having a white dresser

White cabinets are the center piece in the kitchen. The color white has been in existence since time in memorial. It comes in different shades from real white to many off whites but still maintains the same prestige it held since its existence.

Advantages of white kitchen dressers

Diverse styles

White is a great color when it comes to blending in. With a white you get diverse styles and designs. It’s applicable to almost all kitchens and will defiantly not look out of place in any set up. This makes it the best color to go with.

White Kitchen Dresser - 1

It brightens up the room

The color white gives the impression of clean tight space. This reflects well with the kitchen setup and gives an impression of hygiene and cleanliness. It absorbs the light making the room look brighter and at the same time larger. To achieve this important to ensure the room is clean and well maintained.

Disadvantages of white kitchen dressers


The color white comes off as quite dull. It adds no flavor to the room and can be a little too simple for many peoples liking. This sets a boring mood and adds no humor to the general room that is not present in bold bright colors.

White Kitchen Dresser - 2

Prone to stains

If you have younger kids and pets white is definitely not color for your dresser. As much as it creates calm sense of style, white is a very stain prone color. Just a little smudge here and there and the entire thing will be a mess. This creates a situation where the entire room looks dirty.

Difficult to clean.

White is a very difficult color to clean so when your dresser gets dirty getting the color to go back to original will require time and effort. This can be quite a disadvantage as you have to be very careful around it so as to not to stain it.


In conclusion white is defiantly the color to have due to its calm look .Its key to seat and analyze if you can handle the hustle that comes with it.