Wooden kitchen- the returned classic theme for your kitchen!

When you are redecorating your new house and renovating your kitchen or installing a new one, you have to decide the kitchen cabinet materials first! You can always select from a wide variety materials for your kitchen and wood is the most popular among these materials.

The most commonly used material for the kitchen cabinet in today’s date is wood. It is such a popular choice because of the number of finishes it is available in and hence allows you to make a completely customized kitchen of your own!

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Kitchen Ideas - 1

Once you’ve made up your mind to have the wooden kitchen cabinets, your next step would be to make the choice for the type of wood you want to go for. Since wood is a natural product, it varies in color, grain and texture. There are chances that it changes over time due to exposure to the sun.

Types of wood for the kitchen


The most popular wood type for kitchen cabinets is the cherry wood, it is because is medium reddish brown in color and has uniform grains. It is also a little expensive than all other wood types.Another most common type of wood used in kitchen cabinets is the maple. It is a little lighter than the cherry wood but it also has a smoother texture than it and is hence an ideal wood for stained and painted finishes.

If you fancy a more projecting grain patter for your kitchen cabinets, you can go for red oak. It is rich in texture and is light brown in color. It also has a gnarly pattern of grains which many home-owners like.

If you’re looking for a cheaper wood type to fit your budget, you can choose pin for your kitchen cabinets. It is a natural wood material which is budget- friendly. It gives a distinctive rustic look which is popular in more country kitchen designs and is more into the traditional theme. It is comparatively a softer wood and may get easily dented and scratched than the other woods.

Premium quality wood for your kitchen

Mahogany, on the contrary is the premium quality wood for the kitchen cabinets. It has a deep rich reddish brown color and a distinctive whirling grain which makes a very attractive design! On polishing, it gives an amazing high luster. This wood type is becoming rare day by day.